Russian Domains & Hosting

We offer you .RU and .РФ (national) domains for your Russian site.

Also we offer web hosting for your projects in data center in Moscow (Russia).

Russian Domains

12 USD per year for .ru domain.

12 USD per year for .рф domain.

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Why Do You Need Russian Domain Name For Your Site?

  1. RU and .РФ domains are more trustworthy for Russian audience;
  2. You can protect your brand in country-code top level domain;
  3. ccTLD (national domain) is important for geotargeting.

Important things you should keep in mind!

Since 2010 there is restriction in data required for owner's identification purposes.

If the domain name administrator is a private person, he or she must provide to the domain name registrar his or her full name, registered address and passport details.

In some cases a copy of your passport may be required.

Read more in Baker & McKenzie Legal Alert.

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Hosting in Russia

Price is 10 USD per month (billed annualy).

Our plan include:

Order Russian hosting now!

Please feel free to contact us if you need more advanced hosting services (more disk space, more databases or subdomains or e-mail addreses, CPanel control panel, cloud hosting, Python/Ruby, etc).

FTP Access

You can use any FTP client you want.
We recommend you FileZilla as most popular open source secure FTP client for Windows/Mac/Linux.

More about FileZilla you can find here.

More about FTP clients you can find in Wikipedia.