Case Study: A Multiregional Online Betting Company

May 26, 2022

Meet the Client:
A Multiregional Online Betting Company

A Multiregional Online Betting Company

Works started in: July 2021

Services: Russian Linkbuilding

Niche: betting, gambling


The company is looking to quickly boost its traffic in the Russian-speaking region.

The advertising restrictions in the region and high levels of competition mean we won’t be able to achieve desired results in the provided time frame with a classic SEO strategy.

The Goals

  • Determine the most fitting website donors that both have high traffic on the site, have good quality factors, are ready to publish betting content and fit within an approved budget.
  • Prepare engaging articles that comply with the company’s inner guidelines of promotional content.
  • Establish the publications timeline and regularly adjust the number of publications based on the real-time results data.

The Strategy

  • Together with the client we established the baseline ratio of potential donor’s technical quality factors to monthly traffic to publication price and picked out an initial list of approved donors.
  • The content for the publication was to be approved by the client prior to the publication so, in order to maintain the efficiency, each month we had enough prepared and approved articles for 2 iterations.
  • We performed regular bi-weekly standups to track the KPIs and adjust the strategy.

The Success

The campaign was started in June 2021 with RU organic traffic per month around 908.

Organic Traffic Growth
By September RU organic traffic per month was around 9442.

Organic Rankings Growth
From July to September the number of keywords in the top 3 grew 46%, top 4-10 - 435%, top 11-20 - 82%. 100% of keywords were non-branded.

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