Russian SEO and Digital Marketing for the Visas and Immigration Law Industry

Why Do You Need a Russian Audience

Russians show a sustainable interest in acquiring citizenship in other countries. The geopolitical situation has a huge impact on the number of people interested in acquiring citizenship for investments or buying a second passport. To provide such services, various law firms and agencies come into play.

In order to process this great wave of applications from Russian immigrants, legal agencies should be well-represented in the digital Russian-speaking space.

Your digital presence should portray a trustworthy company with a clear and informative message. Usually, Russian users make quite demanding requirements for the content of the site and the quality of its content, especially when it comes to legal matters. If you want to provide citizenship services for investments or similar services in Russia, it makes sense for you to pay close attention to the strong presence in the digital world and maintain your high-quality brand image.

2 valid passports can be simultaneously
held by Russian citizens
50 000 Russians acquired
dual citizenship in 2022
300 000 people leave Russia for permanent
residence abroad every year
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Our Digital Marketing Services For The Visas and Immigration Law Industry


If you are not ready to commit to a new team working on your Russian strategy, we can consult you on the best approaches to the local market, adapting the current strategy and working with your existing team.
We will ensure your success in Russia with minimal disruptions to your ongoing marketing efforts.

Market Research

Understanding the market is an essential step in starting a digital campaign. Our approach to market analysis will provide you with comprehensive data on keywords, your competitors, and potential customers to fully prepare for the campaign in Russia.


The competition in your niche is very high right now, so it is worth paying special attention to organic SEO. It is not only about ranking, but developing a strong brand image of a reliable, highly professional partner. A good campaign will help you achieve a reputable image to ensure optimal conversions.

Paid Search

The obvious advantage of paid advertising is the quick launch and almost instant results. However, it is worth remembering that in Russia there are regulations significant for your industry, so it is better to entrust the management of the advertising campaign to professionals.


The correct language and attention to terminology is especially important for your industry. Make sure that everything from blogs to Call-to-action buttons on your site conforms to Russian language rules and established formulations to make it as easy as possible to choose your agency among the others.

Content Marketing

While working your own marketing strategy, don’t forget to dedicate resources to content marketing. High-quality content on reputable sites will increase brand awareness, and let you display customer cases to show your workflow to all interested users.

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