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In a nutshell, pay-per-click (or PPC for short) is an online marketing model, which can give your business a direct route to massive visibility in the most popular search engines in your target area. PPC ads provide instant traffic and visitors for your site, as it is one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing. With PPC marketing, you will pay a fee only when someone clicks on your ad.

Aurora, Russian SEO Company can cover all your paid search needs in Russian-speaking countries. We are certified partners of the most popular local search engines and can provide our expertise to maximize your profits and reach your goals.

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State of market

Digital Marketing In Russia Is Changed Forever!

But it is still possible to grow your business in Russia despite the current circumstances. Ask us how we can help you navigate the rapidly changing state of the market and develop a working strategy.

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Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Immediate Results

Paid search is the fastest digital marketing tool that allows you to quickly attract a significant amount of traffic to your site. You can start receiving visitors within a few hours of launching the campaign.


Powerful analytics tools allow for immediate performance assessment, letting us promptly adjust the campaign strategy to achieve optimal results.


We can target your ads to the most potentially engaged audience with the help of the platforms’ audience settings.


A paid search campaign will increase your search presence in the early stages of the digital marketing campaign while the organic visibility is still low.

Sales and Profit

A well-written ad copy is sure to get your business more calls, orders and requests. An optimized website experience and well-trained sales team can turn these leads into loyal customers.


Since you only pay for clicks on your ad copy, the PPC budget is spent on the interested and engaged audience.

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Our Clients

Multilingual PPC CampaignDigital Element is the world's leading IP geolocation technology provider. Their solutions are used by the world's most recognized brands.
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Russian PPC Campaign
for Wiener Privatklinik
One of the oldest (founded in 1871) medical institutions in Austria, with nine own centers of competence. The clinic welcomes medical tourists from all over the world.
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Multilingual Paid Search CampaignNemo Watersports is a local tourism company in Dubai that specializes in boat excursions along the Dubai Marina coast.

Types of Paid Ads

Text Ads

Text ads are displayed in text format, their appearance depends on the specific search platform. This type of advertising is usually used when users search for a product or item in the search engines.

Display Ads

Display advertising is presented in the form of an image or an animation. Display ads are shown on websites all over the Internet. They are usually placed on sites visited by the advertiser's target audience.

Shopping Ads

This ad usually looks like a product image with price and characteristics such as size, color, shape, weight, etc. This type of ad shows up in the search engines shopping tab or in search results.

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Our Approach to Paid Search Campaigns

1. Initial Onboarding / Briefing

We draw up a roadmap for cooperation where we describe the scope of future work, determine your goals, expected results, features of your business and come up with an optimal way of interaction with us.

2. Market Research

We perform an analysis of your business, target audience, your competitors, and a detailed study of the niche before the start of the campaign.

3. Keyword Research and Negative Keyword Research

We perform initial keyword and negative keyword research for optimal campaign quality and continuously grow both lists to maximize the campaign budget.

4. Strategy Development

Based on the data from above, we plan out the advertising campaign and integrate analytical tools for future strategy optimization.

7. Campaign Launch and Management

The success of the PPC campaign is determined by its management. We will professionally create and set up your account and run the ad campaign to achieve maximum efficiency.

6. Landing Page Audit and Optimization

The landing page plays as much of a role in a successful PPC campaign as the ad copy itself so we take extra care when reviewing or developing it.

5. Ad Copy Creation

We carefully create ad copies for each request or group of requests, indicate the region and strategies to successfully reach your target audience.

8. Bid Management

To achieve the maximum benefits from the ad budget we use a combination of automatic and manual bidding and keep our fingers on the pulse of the bidding process during the entire campaign.

9. Conversion Tracking.

Conversion tracking is a cornerstone of a successful paid search campaign as it lets us effectively manage and track the ongoing results and optimize the campaign. It lets you know exactly what results (leads, sales, downloads, etc.) the ads bring and gives you clarity on the budget and ROI. We continuously analyze the campaign performance, keywords, rates, make hypotheses and test strategies to make sure the campaign is running optimally.

10. Monthly Report and Analysis

We provide monthly reports on the performed and planned work, audience engagement and campaign budget to make sure you know exactly where your money is going and you can assess our efficiency.

Paid search is a necessity in your journey to build a successful online presence in Russia.

Choosing the right agency means that you won’t have to worry about every little detail.

Focus on the big picture and we’ll take care of the rest.

Reasons to work with us

English-speaking managers
Our managers speak English to ensure mutual understanding. We won’t let language barriers get in the way of your success.

17 years of experience
We have over 17 years of digital marketing experience under our belt, working with businesses both big and small. We know the best ways to bring your project to success.

Extensive industry portfolio
We’ve worked with a wide range of industries - travel, healthcare, real estate, IT, ecommerce, giving us an edge in any industry. We know how to analyze your target market, research the best keywords and come up with the best curated solution.

Your goal is our priority
The backbone of our work is bringing you the result. We regularly check-in with you and are ready to adjust the KPI in accordance with your project goals.

Savvy pricing
We strive to optimize campaigns to keep the costs low while increasing the revenue.

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