Russian SEO and Digital Marketing for the Non-profit or Charitable Organizations

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Why Do You Need a Russian Audience

The culture of charity in Russia has been showing great signs of growth in recent years, the overall trust of the population to charitable companies and fundraisers increasing as well. E.g. Yandex reported doubled online donations over the past year that have been made through its platform Yandex Money.

For years we have been offering worldwide companies our services to localize the business and successfully reach a Russian audience.

x8 In 10 years the number of benefactors in Russia has grown 8 times.
13% The sum of donation has grown 13%.
$5B+$5.1–$6.9 billion is annually donated by Russians.

Our Digital Marketing Services For The Non-profit or Charitable Organizations

So what can we offer to successfully build your online presence in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries?

  • Keywords and Competitors Research
    Professionally performed research helps you find every opportunity for Russian traffic growth.
  • Link Building
    High-authoritative white hat backlinks. Industry-focused and anchor-rich links from Russian niche websites.
  • SEO Campaign
    Tailor-made SEO strategies that will increase your targeted traffic and Russian rankings in and Yandex.
  • Paid Search Campaign
    Profitable Yandex Direct and Ads campaigns with CPC and conversion optimization.
  • Content Localization & Development
    A true cornerstone of your successful online presence in Russia and CIS countries.

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Are you a non-profit or a charitable organization just entering the Russian market?

You came to the right place!

Aurora, Russian SEO Company is a team of solid experts in Russian digital marketing services.

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