Russian SEO and Digital Marketing for the Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Projects

Why Do You Need a Russian Audience

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are at their peak popularity in Russia, especially after the President's announcement that the digital economy is the government's top priority back in 2017. The population’s interest combined with the growth of real investments in blockchain in Russia, it is looking like a promising market to enter.

For years, we have been helping cryptocurrency & blockchain projects with localizing their business and reaching their Russian audience.

For years we have been offering worldwide companies our services to localize the business and successfully reach a Russian audience.

20% as of last year, 20% of the top 50 blockchain startups by funds raised were Russian.
2000+ blockchain & cryptocurrency organizations are already operating on the RU market.
74% is cryptocurrency awareness level in Russia.
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Our Digital Marketing Services For The Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Projects

So what can we offer to successfully build your online presence in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries?

  • Keywords and Competitors Research
    Professionally performed research helps you find every opportunity for Russian traffic growth.
  • Link Building
    High-authoritative white hat backlinks. Industry-focused and anchor-rich links from Russian niche websites.
  • SEO Campaign
    Tailor-made SEO strategies that will increase your targeted traffic and Russian rankings in and Yandex.
  • Infleuncer Marketing
    Influencer marketing campaigns with most prominent Russian crypto influencers.
  • Content Localization & Development
    A true cornerstone of your successful online presence in Russia and CIS countries.

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Our services

Are you developing a promising blockchain project and wishing for investors from Russia?
Or are you considering promoting your project in Russia to increase its recognizability?

You came to the right place!

Aurora, Russian IT & SEO Company is a team of solid experts in Russian digital marketing services for the blockchain industry.

Fluent English
Our agents speak fluent English to ensure a complete understanding of your needs.

Local Expertise
We combine market awareness and local expertise to help you reach your success in Russia.

We are ready to work with both digital marketing agencies and end clients alike. We offer special terms and bulk discounts for the agencies.

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