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The Internet penetration rate in Russia is at an astounding 89%. And 98% of those people use search engines at least once a month. The two most popular search engines here, Yandex and Google, are at the same time 2 of the most visited websites in Russia with over 4 billion visits per month according to Semrush.

Needless to say, having a well-built and maintained website is essential if you want to attract a Russian audience.

Russian search has a number of distinct features and it is crucial to be aware of them when entering the Russian market.

The search engine market in Russia is shared between two competing search engines, which is mostly atypical for other countries. For the most part, Google holds the overwhelming majority of search traffic, but not in Russia. Here the search traffic is divided between Yandex and Google, Yandex having a bigger share of it. This means the need to optimize your website for both of the SEs at the same time. While the general approach is similar, the engines have some significant differences in algorithms that must be accounted for if you are looking to land the top 3 position.

Russia’s most used search engine is Yandex, and, as we mentioned before, it has its own ranking algorithm. While it can be tempting to just aim for the ranking in the familiar Google, neglecting Yandex SEO would mean missing out on some serious traffic. Not only because the search engine itself has a lot of audience, but because Yandex has a plethora of popular side services that could help you reach your audience. Yandex SEO is not only about technical, content and mobile optimization for this search engine, it is also about establishing yourself on its services.

Finally, it is worth remembering the complexity of the Russian character and mentality. Russian-speaking people are not always open to new products, often their trust has to be won and deserved. Your site may seem perfect to you, but if you enter the Russian market, you will be better off aware of the approach and values of the audience for a successful dialogue.

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Foreign real estate in Russia has always been a hot market. A high level of competition paired with increased caution when it comes to anything real-estate related makes it quite a challenging market to enter, but highly rewarding at the same time. Starting the dialog with your audience right with a well-optimized website at the top of the SERP will aid you in getting the local people’s attention.

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Travel &

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The love of Russian people for traveling is known far beyond the borders of our country. Among an overwhelming amount of options for Russians to choose from it can be challenging to convince them to go with your offer. A well-structured SEO campaign with analyzed competition and optimized UX will help you become Russians’ first choice.

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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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Cryptocurrency in Russia is one of the most attractive niches in the eyes of investors here and closely monitored by the state at the same time. Keeping your online presence appealing to the potential client while staying in compliance with the law requires a special approach from a competent specialist in the know of the local mentality and regulations.

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Let us answer your questions about digital marketing in Russia and provide more context on the local peculiarities, and more.

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Our Russian SEO Workflow

Strategy Development

Research is the backbone of any SEO strategy. We will analyze your business, target audience, niche and competitors. We will also pay great attention to the on-page SEO, usability, backlink profile and traffic data. Detailed in-depth analysis of your online presence will allow us to develop an optimally effective SEO strategy, as we are well aware of Yandex algorithms.

Keyword Research

Page optimization always starts with keyword research. According to your company's characteristics, we will discover the most efficient keywords for optimization, so that your customers can find your website as quickly as possible. We create the most complete list of search queries to reach the entire target audience so you can get a good volume of traffic to your resource.

Link Building Strategy

A good SEO campaign requires an impressive amount of good quality backlinks. We only work with relevant links from reputable sources to reliably improve your ranking in the search engine. The link building strategy developed by us will lead to a significant improvement in your site’s ranking in SERPs and attract more visitors.

Creating Content

Еxciting content has a big impact on the success of SEO campaign. The usefulness and uniqueness of the texts on the site always help to improve the rating. Competent content plan is also able to increase its conversion. The content should be written in good literary language, easy to read and provide value to potential customers. Search engines are able to evaluate the quality of content, so you need to pay special attention to this item.

Campaign Management

Developing and deploying search engine marketing plans means boosting audience engagement, conversions and rankings. Thanks to detailed immersion in the client’s business, we will be able to build you a strong online presence on the Internet. We can expect the first results of our campaign 3-4 months after its beginning. Sustainable results are achieved over several months of continuous work.

Analysis and Reporting

SEO is a long-term project that requires constant and painstaking work with the site. We provide you with regular reporting as proof of our work. You will receive monthly reports and be aware of what is happening to your website. We will always answer any SEO strategy-related questions you have!

Reasons to work with us

Yandex experts
Strong Yandex expertise, knowledge of SEO in Russia and deep understanding of specifics of Russian-speaking audience are able to help you throughout the SEO way.

English-speaking managers
Our managers speak English to ensure mutual understanding. We won’t let language barriers get in the way of your success.

17 years of experience
We have over 17 years of digital marketing experience under our belt, working with businesses both big and small. We know the best ways to bring your project to success.

Extensive industry portfolio
We’ve worked with a wide range of industries - travel, healthcare, real estate, IT, ecommerce, giving us an edge in any industry. We know how to analyze your target market, research the best keywords and come up with the best curated solution.

Your goal is our priority
The backbone of our work is bringing you the result. We regularly check-in with you and are ready to adjust the KPI in accordance with your project goals.

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Our Books: Russian SEO in 2023: Trends and Features of Russian Search
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Russian SEO in 2023: Trends and Features of Russian Search

by Valeria Morgacheva, Anton Trebunskii

Nowadays, good online search visibility is an essential element of a successful business, especially one that deals in foreign countries.

We’ve created a whitepaper where we go through both SEO trends in general and consider some specific factors of Russian search as well.

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