Bitrix24 Outsourcing

Are you an established Bitrix24 Partner and looking for opportunities to expand your team of engineers? Or are you a beginner Bitrix Partner and you need cost-saving engineering expertise?

Or do you have an urgent project and need to strengthen your existing team on a tight schedule?

Search no more, you came to the right place! Increase your capacity and skills whenever you need with our Bitrix24 experts.

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Main Reason For Choosing Bitrix24 Outsourcing Services

Main Reason For Choosing Bitrix24 Outsourcing Services

As the old saying goes, it's all about the money. So the cost savings is the main reason. With outsourced services, you can pay only for what you really need, without having to hire the engineers. However, other core benefits of outsourcing services are your ability to easily scale your capabilities and free up your internal resources. Also, you won't have to worry about the infrastructure investments and time spent on recruitment.

Which service do you want to outsource?

Bitrix24 Development

We are ready to develop JS and REST API applications that can solve any business' problems regardless of complexity.

Bitrix24 Integrations

Our many years of technical expertise make it possible to integrate Bitrix24 with an existing IT infrastructure.


You won't have to worry about managing your Bitrix24 platform, we'll do it for you. With our flexible scale-as-you-go price plans none of your tasks will stay unfinished.

Reports & Dashboards

Do you find Bitrix24 default reports lacking? We can develop any type of report and connect Bitrix24 to Google Data Studio if needed.

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Who We Are

Aurora, Russian IT & SEO Company is a reliable and experienced vendor of outsourced Bitrix24 development services.

We speak English our English-speaking agents ensure we are on the same page
Bitrix Gold Partner ready to work with both editions:
Cloud and On-premise
17+ years of expertise with
Bitrix Framework & API
50+ projects worldwide and in Russia successfully delivered

Our Bitrix24 Capabilities

Bitrix24 Integrations

Our engineers know the best way to connect existing systems, whether through developed custom middleware or direct API connections.

On-premise Server Support

We will perform CRM Server optimization, backups, maintenance, and monitoring. Expert Bitrix Linux Environment engineers on board.

Data Migration

We will import/migrate all the existing data into Bitrix24 properly and maintain the relationships. Old CRM data and excel sheets are supported.

Bitrix24 App Development

Get more out of your Bitrix24 project with apps made with your unique business needs in mind. Custom JS and REST API application development.


Bitrix24 digital workflows will allow you to send automated emails, create automated tasks, or update field values automatically with triggers.

Live Chat

We will implement Live Agent Chat into Bitrix24 and your website. We can also integrate other live chat software and social platforms.

Robotic Process Automation

Bitrix24 is an automation software to successfully end repetitive tasks and make digital transformation a reality. Entrust your daily routine to Bitrix24 smart processes.

Email Automations

Turn your Bitrix24 into a powerful marketing automation tool that lets you send the right message to the right people at the right time, using automated workflows.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your Bitrix24 records (customer cards, company cards) with disparate data from your other internal systems or third-party data from external sources.

...and many more!

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Pros of working with us

Savvy Pricing
Pay as you go. You will reduce your Bitrix24 development costs while keeping the quality of projects on the same level.

Extensive Experience
Having successfully delivered over 50 Bitrix24 projects, our engineers have gained solid experience in Bitrix Core Framework and Bitrix API.

Quick Kick-Off
We are ready to deliver the first results within the days after the contract signing.

Sustainable Scaling
We are ready to quickly scale the engineering team in accordance with your tasks and needs.

Speaking the vendor’s language
Having worked with Bitrix core since 2007, we've acqiured vast experience with the platform and are able to communicate quickly and efficiently with the vendor's support to solve administrative, engineering, and business problems.

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