Russian Influencer Marketing

Social media is an integral part of our lives today. Therefore, if you want to make your brand more recognizable, it is essential to turn to social media. The difference in a regular marketing effort is that you advertise by people, not by ad-copies.

If you turn to social networks, you have a lot of options to choose from. From macro-influencers with huge and rich audiences to experts in various narrow niches with highly specialized audiences and high conversion probability - every business will be able to find the representatives of their niche on social media. Communicating with your Russian target audience through opinion leaders is basically a word-of-mouth promotion.

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State of market

Digital Marketing In Russia Is Changed Forever!

But it is still possible to grow your business in Russia despite the current circumstances. Ask us how we can help you navigate the rapidly changing state of the market and develop a working strategy.

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Benefits of Russian Influencer Marketing

Customer Confidence

Russian bloggers are well known for influencing public opinion. Usually people trust bloggers they like as their good friends and often value their opinion when it comes to products or services.

Wide Range of Niches

You will easily find an influencer for your niche, no matter how narrow it is. Social media in its current state has a potential spokesperson for essentially any good that can be sold.

High Relevance

Your message reaches a target audience through a suitable influencer. A successful choice of an influencer guarantees the delivery of information, direct contact with an audience close to or exactly corresponding to the brand.

Valuable Content Without Imposition

With enough care to the idea your chosen influencer passes, your message will not look obtrusive, but vice versa, it will look very organic in your customers' favorite blog.

Quick Conversion

As your message will reach a Russian audience that is already interested in your niche, the decision to buy your products or services will be made faster than if it were a regular advertisement.

Measure Results

You will be able to analyze the success of the campaign through various analytical tools to make sure your current campaign is precisely targeted. The same tools will give you priceless data to ensure future campaign’s success as well.

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Influencer Marketing Campaign: Key Factors

Here we will look at some important points that you need to be aware of in order to create a successful campaign.

Your project’s niche and your target audience. Know your target audience and understand the specifics of your business niche - these two points are the cornerstone of any marketing campaign. The cooperation with influencers is no exception. If you have a clear picture, your goals will be much more accessible.

Blogger’s popularity and number of subscribers. There are many influencers of different scales. Some of them create very popular and versatile content (celebrities or journalists - they can advertise basically anything you want to), while others specialize in their niche, usually they are practitioners: cosmetologists, lawyers, cooks or midwives and so on. The latter category of bloggers is suitable for business advertising with a narrow target audience.

Suitable platform. It is very important for you to understand which platform your target audience uses. The choice of social network often depends on the user’s age, interests or kind of activity. Choosing social media and influential people who are related to your brand is an intrinsic part of your campaign’s success. Among Russian-speaking audience’s most preferred platforms are, for example, VK, Telegram and YouTube.

The type of content. To provide information about your services or products to users, a blogger can post a photo, video or text message on a social network. The choice of the most fitting medium to convey your message will directly impact the outcome of the campaign.

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Our Approach to Influencer Marketing Campaigns

A successful advertising campaign traditionally includes several significant points:

Initial Onboarding / Briefing

We consult with your team on a call to understand your company, objectives, messaging and buyer personas. We will ask about the goals you want to achieve from an influencer collaboration. We also define criteria to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Building a Strategy

We will choose suitable social media platforms and influencers for your project. Then we form a media plan, and develop a technical task. After your approval we are ready to start working directly with the influencer.

Generating Great Content

Your selected influencer together with our experts will create attractive and original content that will engage the audience to know more about your brand and product.

Managing the Campaign

The campaign lasts a planned amount of time, while we communicate with your chosen influencer, constantly monitor the process of placement and key indicators to achieve the goals.

Campaign Analysis

We will analyze your advertising campaign so that you can get the best result. We will give you in-depth analytics and you discover how influencers contribute to your campaign goals.


You will receive a detailed report on the campaign, with the help of which you can easily assess the effectiveness of our cooperation. You will also be able to easily plan your next influencer marketing campaigns.

Reasons to work with us

English-speaking managers
Our managers speak English to ensure mutual understanding. We won’t let language barriers get in the way of your success.

16 years of experience
We have over 16 years of digital marketing experience under our belt, working with businesses both big and small. We know the best ways to bring your project to success.

Extensive industry portfolio
We’ve worked with a wide range of industries - travel, healthcare, real estate, IT, ecommerce, giving us an edge in any industry. We know how to analyze your target market, find the best influencers and come up with the best curated solution.

Your goal is our priority
The backbone of our work is bringing you the result. We regularly check-in with you and are ready to adjust the KPI in accordance with your project goals.

Savvy pricing
We strive to optimize campaigns to keep the costs low while increasing the revenue.

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