Case Study: Oil and Gas Equipment Supplier

November 04, 2017

Meet the Customer: Aurora-OIL



Technology-driven company that offers reliable products and high service standards for oil and gas industries.

Company produces:

  • Oil equipment;
  • Gas equipment.

Works started in: June 2014

Services: Yandex SEO

Niche: b2b, Oil & Gas Equipment


Lack of content
Site lacks SEO-friendly and engaging content.

Lack of strategy
Company lacks vision or strategy for successful online presence.

Lack of backlinks
Site lacks backlinks, link building strategy, and has weak business profile.

High competition level
Oil & Gas equipment is a very competitive niche in Russia.

The Goals

  • Increase organic traffic and improve on-site conversions
  • Improve users experience
  • Develop content that works
  • Obtain high-quality links

The Strategy

  • Analyzed the website for on-site SEO issues (crawl errors, site architecture, bot experience, etc.)
  • Resolved issues — usability issues, page speed issues, mobile readiness issues, etc.
  • Wrote all new content, optimized with valuable keywords from our keyword research and analysis.
  • Improved on-site optimization and user experience by adding content to all site pages.
  • Improved on-site optimization by adding fresh title tags, meta tags, heading tags.
  • Built anchor-rich inbound links to priority pages.

The Success

Traffic Up x30
We started Yandex SEO campaign with 71 monthly organic search visitors. 11 months later, this number increased 30 times — 2208 monthly organic search visitors.

Niche Domination
For several products we completely dominated the SERP using Yandex SEO, Yandex Direct PPC, content syndication, etc.

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