Case Study: A prominent betting company

May 26, 2022

Meet the Client: A Prominent Betting Company

A Prominent Betting Company

Works started in: January 2019

Services: Online Reputation Management

Niche: betting, gambling


Unwanted results in SERP
Brand searches contain unwanted results, due to the lack of an external SEO strategy, the brand does not have significant control over its image in search engines.

The Goals

  • Bring positive information about the brand to the top pages of search engines
  • Highlight some of the company's activities that are not related to working with betting
  • Regularly cover the company's work with its customers, promotions, contests, big wins
  • Obtain high-quality backlinks

The Strategy

We have developed a strategy for online publications about the external and internal activities of the company on various gaming portals and general news sites. The average initial number of publications was 7 articles, based on regular analyzes of search results, we adjusted the number of publications up or down.

The Success

Positive SERP
The news search result for branded keywords consists of organic-looking publications about the company's partnership activities, the history of user wins, and general information about the brand and its policies.

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