Case Study: Productivity & Wellness Platform

February 19, 2022

Meet the Client: IML Solutions

IML Solutions

Improve My Life

Productivity & Wellness platform, an AI-driven task management and behavioral design tool.

Works started in: August 2018

Services: Frontend Development (VueJS)

Niche: Wellness Platform, b2c

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We had a mobile app on iOS and Android, Improve My Life.

Our next step was expanding our presence by developing a web version (both mobile and desktop).

By doing this, we were hoping to increase the overall usability of our platform.

The Goals

The task was to develop a demanded web version for an existing app that had to be fast and multilingual, and it was crucial to keep the design and the overall feel of the web version coherent with the app.

The user interface had to be transparent and the various features of the platform had to be transferred seamlessly to a medium with a different set of controls, keeping the apps multifunctionality.

The Strategy

After the initial project discussion, the team delivered us the project mockup.

On the next step their team designed and developed API-centric front-end solution based on VueJS framework, and a WordPress-powered website for our app's landing page.

Both solutions developed by Aurora were multilingual.

The Success

The web version was the most demanded feature request among our audience.

Since its launch we had a 130% conversion rate growth.

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