Foreign Real Estate in Russia 2023 Trends

Our Books: Foreign Real Estate in Russia: 2023 Trends

In recent years the demand for foreign real estate among the Russian-speaking audience has reached the highest point. Market monitoring shows increased interest in various related niches such as citizenship programs investment.

Advertising companies interested in the success of their customers should be well aware of the latest trends in the digital world. However, in such a specific niche as the sale of real estate, there are important features that could be useful for agencies that are just beginning to communicate with the Russian audience.

In this guide you will find an overview of the current state of the market, a portrait of a Russian-speaking buyer and many useful tips on adapting your business and digital sources to a new field. We’ll sum up the main steps of successful achievement of the Russian audience to help you enter this market with confidence.

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Valeria Morgacheva

Valeria Morgacheva

Head of Customer Success Team

Valeria is our Head of Customer Success Team and she speaks fluent English which makes for easy and efficient communication with our clients.

She has years of experience working with Yandex optimization projects for foreign customers and understands the hurdles that people new to Yandex may encounter.

Valeria holds a BA in computer science.

Tatiana Petrovich

Tatiana Petrovich

Project Manager at Aurora

Tatiana is responsible for managing our projects with clients from overseas. She is there for them from the very first meeting to the closure of the project to make sure no detail goes unaddressed and no questions left unanswered.

Tatiana manages diverse SEO and advertising tasks and builds long-lasting customer relationships.

Tatiana holds a master’s degree in Russian language and linguistics from Saratov State University, Saratov.

Anton Trebunskiy, CEO

Anton Trebunskii

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Anton combines in-depth expertise in marketing e-commerce websites with hands-on experience in advanced Yandex SEO practices and analytics.

He is a co-founder and managing partner at Aurora SEO Company.

Anton holds a BA in History from Saratov State University, Russia.