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Telegram social messaging platform first reached the third place among the messengers in the number of references in the Russian social media, surpassed only by Viber and WhatsApp. According to Brand Analytics, about 13% of all references to messengers in Russian social media (that is approximately 7.2 million messages) are about Telegram.

Telegram shows a record growth rate since spring 2016, and people get more interested in Telegram public channels, too. Compared to spring 2017, by September the audience of the top public channels doubled and the leading channels increased their audience 10 times – from 50000 to 500000 subscribers.

According to Combot, Telegram has now about 8 million active users in Russia and 1.5 million people are active Telegram channels’ subscribers. At the beginning of the year, the advertising market grew by 30-40% month by month, and to the end of the year it may exceed 60-70%.

In 2017, the monthly advertising volume in Russian Telegram may reach 50 million rubles.

The key interests of Russian users of Telegram are media, politics, marketing, IT, there is a growing interest in adult content, cryptocurrency, and humor. The core audience (users subscribed to channels, participating in discussions and using bots) increased by 400% since January, from 600 thousand unique Russian users to about 2,4 million.

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