Avito released 'search by photo' iOS app

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Avito released an iOS application with a photo search feature that allows finding similar items by the photo.

Avito became the first Russian classified advertising website that offers such feature. To use the photo search, one should click on the camera icon in the search box and make a photo in the application or upload it from the device. The technology based on the computer vision algorithms will identify the object in the photo and show advertisements with similar images on the search results page.

The feature is available for mass consumer goods and the transport section except for auto parts. Users can also apply other filters like price, size, color. If photo quality makes it hard to identify the object, users will be notified of it. The Avito photo search feature will soon be available on Android devices, too.

Avito is one of the most visited websites in Russia. Statistics show that over 35 million users visit the platform every month. The supply and demand market is growing constantly and, according to the latest data, about 100 thousand deals are closed in Avito every day. The platform is so popular among Russian users because it is easy to use and allows buying and selling goods in real time.

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