Brands integration into blogging in Russia

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Mediascope company together with PRT Edelman Affiliate agency conducted the first joint study of brands integration into blogging in Russia. The online survey was held among users in Russian towns with the population of over 100 thousand people. Respondents had to choose the most popular integration of a brand among 120 advertising posts.

The results of the study showed that advertisements in social networks have a more positive image than ads in media, and in 23% of cases they prompt users to look for goods promoted in posts on Instagram and YouTube in stores and purchase them. Almost a third of respondents looked for the information on the goods and told friends about it, 24% of them reposted ads or followed links given in those ads. By comparison, according to Sharethrough, the average international conversion rate is 16.64% for native ads and 7.72% for banner advertising in mass media.

Half of the respondents said that recommendations of bloggers can be very helpful when it comes to choosing goods or services. 48% of people are sure that bloggers recommend only those products that they truly like. However, 83% of respondents believe that bloggers promote brands that they got paid for.

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