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Yandex.Webmaster introduces a new tool that compares search traffic volumes of similar websites. In Yandex. Webmaster there appeared a new tab 'Trend' that demonstrates traffic dynamics compared to competitors sites. Yandex.Webmaster collects and analyzes statistics on search queries that lead visitors to the website from the search results page. The report generated on the basis of the collected data compares search traffic of a particular website with similar sites over the same period of time.

Yandex considers websites similar if they solve similar tasks and are of approximately the same size. Similar sites compared with each other are grouped automatically; these groups include a lot of websites and are regularly updated. The report is generated in the form of a diagram, and it reflects two indicators: the average number of clicks for a site and groups of similar sites. The report shows the average search traffic rate and gives a general understanding of the conversion dynamics.

This report makes it easier to see whether changes made on the site affect the conversion rate. For example, if the number of visitors to the website from the search results page decreased over the past month, the new tool will help to understand why it happens.

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