Contextual Advertising Able To Increase Brand Awareness by 80%

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Contextual advertising does not only boost sales, but it also increases brand awareness, being as good as media advertising.

Google analysts have come to this conclusion after conducting a study together with Ipsos MediaCT.

During this study users had to do a keyword search using 12 different vertical keyword lists, including mass consumption products, cars, education, technology, finance, healthcare service, media and entertainment, tourism and leisure.

A test brand was included in each category, whose ads where shown in premium placement section. The control group saw only organic results which included the test brand in them.

At the end of this experiment the users were asked to name the brands that they remembered from each category.

It turned out that the users from the control group mentioned the test brand on average in 8.2% of the cases. However, users from the test group mentioned the brand in 14.8% of the cases. Therefore the brand awareness increased on average by 80%.

Reasonable combination of contextual advertising and search promotion helps your website not only reach better positions in search results, but also boost your brand awareness and users' trust.

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