Digital outdoor ads in Yandex Direct

It is now possible to post two new types of ads in Direct's media campaigns. They are video advertisement with pay per thousand shows and outdoor digital ads. Together with recently introduced media banners, Yandex users of a uniform platform for working with content and contextual advertising now have more inventory for demand formation.

Here are some details about the new features provided by the Yandex team.

Video advertisement with pay per shows is purchased by the auction model and is available even for small businesses. The minimum budget for the purchase is from 300 rubles per day and the minimum bill starts from 1000 rubles.

Another new feature is an ability to add a packshot. It is a clickable image that shows up for a few seconds after the video is played to give the viewer a chance to click on an ad if the offer sparked interest.

Yandex.Direct has new adjustments by the type of inventory in video advertising. One can set an adjustment from -100% to + 1200% for advertisements in a streaming video, text content, and applications.

All the audience targeting by user profile in media banners are available for video advertising. Keyword targeting is not available for this type of ads as it is a coverage product for creating demand.

Yandex provides safe placement of video ads and does not show it on pages with tragic content. The advertiser can also disable up to 20 platforms of the Video network. An option to limit the number of shows per user is available.

Outdoor advertising is an easy and fast way to address your audience offline. For example, to increase brand awareness and interest, to expand coverage or to send users to your sales outlets.

Now it is possible to order outdoor advertising on digital panels through the Yandex.Direct interface. It is purchased by an auction model with a minimum budget of 300 rubles per day. Outdoor advertising is now available in Yandex.Direct on request.

Digital outdoor advertising is paid for 1000 OTS (Opportunity To See) - contacts of people with the ad, or "shows". Usually, several users see outdoor advertising at the same time, which means several OTS on one output of the commercial. A mathematical model, based on user's geolocation, speed, and direction of their movement, calculates OTS in real time. The auction is the same as for online advertising - for a big bid, the advertiser receives more traffic, and thus the most successful time of the show. For example, when the flow of cars is the densest.

The advertiser can choose ad surfaces to show their messages, stop and resume the campaign at any moment without penalty. The advertiser can also estimate the situation on the road near ad surfaces. Such as the speed of traffic in billboard's area at the moment, on a specific day or on average in the last two months.

Settings also allow enabling the audience gathering for retargeting. A separate segment, created in Yandex.Audiences, holds the users that you can address with a new ad message or exclude them from ads display.

The ad goes through two stages of moderation. First Yandex checks it, then - operators that own the ad surfaces that were chosen for the ad.

Yandex assures that campaigns from Directs and Display will take part in a united auction on equal conditions.

Campaigns, existing in Display already, will continue to work without change. The Yandex team will warn about a final transition of outdoor digital and video ads to Direct ahead of time.

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