Expert opinion: Russia has a lot of competent people and a great spirit of entrepreneurship

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According to Matt Brittin, President of EMEA Business and Operations for Google, Russia is a huge market with big network-related opportunities. Russians try out the latest products right after their launch, which means there are great business opportunities in the country. It was estimated that the volume of the mobile economy in Russia is 3.8% of GDP, with 1.1 million people working in the sphere, and it is going to grow. According to forecasts, within 4-5 years 400 thousand workers are going to get involved in the mobile economy, there are great experts, a lot of talented competent people with a great spirit of entrepreneurship in Russia.

Millions of companies around the world use search engines to contact consumers of their services and products. YouTube is another platform that attracts the audience, Russians love using it to socialize, learn new things, and entertain. It was estimated that 87% of the entire Internet audience in Russia watch YouTube channels or 62 million unique users watch videos both on YouTube platform and third-party websites, which creates huge opportunities for business development.

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