February to April Russian customer trends

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The interest in certain goods and services depends on the season. Yandex Direct analysts studied the data for the past years and found out which categories were in high demand in the period from February to April. It can be assumed that in the next couples of months these goods and services will be in demand again.

In February people celebrate the St.Valentine’s Day and the Defender’s Day, so the most popular goods will be heart-shaped gifts, flowers, and romantic dates packages.

In the last winter month, there is a growing interest in agricultural equipment, as well as flower and vegetable seeds.

In March the interest in flowers remains high (both live and artificial flowers). There is also a growing demand for agricultural machinery (trailers, sprayers, seeders and planting machines), poultry equipment and fodder crop. Home and garden goods get popular, too.

Categories related to school and education become particularly popular in February-March: courses and materials helping prepare for the state exams. In April, the demand for country house goods increases: people buy seedlings, fertilizers, greenhouses, and hotbeds. The weather gets warmer and consumers start looking for bikes, roller-skates, helmets and other accessories. School leavers prepare for the Farewell Bell holiday and they actively start buying goods associated with it.

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