Google expands medical search queries

Your morning headache used to exacerbate after an hour and a half reading of loads of hardly relevant information and painkillers ads. Worry no more, because new Google search results for medical queries will allow you to find necessary information much faster.

Huge amount of queries connected to the search of symptoms and illnesses led to an increase of websites with irrelevant and pseudo-medical articles. Google wants to protect its users from this kind of websites. Now Google is planning to release an update that is going to improve search results. For example, if you type "headache on one side", Google will offer "migraine", "tension headache" and "cluster headache" as well. If you make a general search like "headache", you will get a brief description of a symptom, self-treatment options and symptoms that require professional medical advice.

The system is expected to be efficient due to a full list of symptoms and reliable optimized websites with information checked with the help of specialists from Harvard Medical School and Mayo clinic.

This new feature will also make search engine optimization of medical websites easier, for the resources offering false or unconfirmed information will be given lower priority.

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