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An extremely popular Russian service Answers now allows brands to create company profiles. A representative of an organization can register as an expert and answer the user’s questions.

Company’s page on Answers can become a fully functional online representative. The expert can answer questions on behalf of the brand, talk with users and add other company employees as experts. The expert’s answers can be easily distinguished from a general user, their name and position in the company will be written near the profile picture.

To register, one will need to send an application, moderators will check it in a few hours. Occasionally they will ask to provide extra data to confirm the authenticity of the company.

The company can get questions straight in its profile. To do it it will need to set up a list of key phrases. Recommended feed is created automatically and is based on the company profile. Representatives of the companies will be able to support direct contact with the audience, to increase recognition and to create a reputation of experts in the sphere by answering user’s questions and helping them to solve problems.

The service also provides a function of direct questions from users and an ability to not only answer, but ask questions and create polls.

Several companies such as Panasonic, Megaphone, Yota, and others have already tried the beta testing of the service.

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