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The Mediascope research company within the WEB-index project studied the audience of the mobile Internet in Russian cities with the population of over 100 thousand people. The data were received from 4.5 thousand users of Android and iOS devices in August 2017. A special application was installed on smartphones and tablets of participants to monitor their Internet activity.

WEB-index provides information about Russian Internet audience. The desktop part of the project has reflected the statistics for the urban and rural population of Russia aged 12 to 64 for several years already. Counting of mobile users started in 2014 and until now it has reflected data collected in cities with the population of over 700 thousand people.

The summary data on all kinds of devices were received. Exclusive mobile users were also taken into account – these are people who go online only from smartphones and tablets.

The leader of the desktop and mobile audience in Russia is Google with 40 million users. Yandex goes next having 39 million people, however, the Russian search engine leaves Google behind in the number of computer users. The third place is taken by Vkontakte with 37 million visitors. In addition, the network’s mobile audience is bigger than that of Yandex.

It is also worth mentioning that the services of the three largest players in Russia – Google, Yandex and Group – are getting closer to Facebook with the Instagram and WhatsApp applications.

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