New ad formats in Yandex Direct

The team of the Yandex Advertising Network continues to experiment with formats trying to make them more efficient and profitable.

This time they changed the design of the horizontal and vertical posters, as well as the horizontal block. Now, most of the advertisement slots are occupied by images with highlighted ad headlines and buttons with advertisers’ domains.

The tests showed that the profit growth from the new blocks reaches 30% with comparable quality of clicks and conversions.

The mobile block Motion can now be placed on the desktop web. It is expected that it will bring the websites' owners +20-30% additional income. Now, the average CPMV of the Motion format equals to 190 rubles, but in some cases, it may reach 600-900 rubles.

Our Books: Foreign Real Estate in Russia: 2023 Trends
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Foreign Real Estate in Russia: 2023 Trends

by Valeria Morgacheva, Tatiana Petrovich, Anton Trebunskii

In recent years the demand for foreign real estate among the Russian-speaking audience has reached the highest point.

In this guide you will find an overview of the current state of the market, a portrait of a Russian-speaking buyer and useful tips on adapting your business and digital sources to a new field.

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Our Books: Russian SEO in 2023: Trends and Features of Russian Search
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Russian SEO in 2023: Trends and Features of Russian Search

by Valeria Morgacheva, Anton Trebunskii

Nowadays, good online search visibility is an essential element of a successful business, especially one that deals in foreign countries.

We’ve created a whitepaper where we go through both SEO trends in general and consider some specific factors of Russian search as well.

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