New condition for bid adjustments in Yandex.Direct

You can now make adjustments for new users. There is a new opportunity in the settings, it allows saving negative criteria with a state "none fulfilled".

In order to draw more users to a website and grow your client base you need to create criteria "Visited a page - none fulfilled" and set the coefficient to more than 0%. Thus, the system will automatically increase original rate with every new impression and promote your ads.

Apart from that, advertisers are offered one more option for effective online advertising. It concerns working with users who have not fulfilled a necessary goal. Previously you could not save negative criteria for one goal, but now it is enough to add a "none fulfilled" state to criteria.

However, impressions with only negative states are not available for retargeting. As an alternative, you can apply bid adjustments for searches and advertising spaces.

You can find all the necessary information on bid adjustments on Yandex.Direct help page.

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