New system for advertising in VK communities

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The new system for advertising in VK communities is called the Market Platform. Ad placement through the market platform is in the test mode now, and in the new year, the system will be fully operational.

Previously advertisers had to look for and select communities for placing ads on their own, and now the market platform will do all the work for them. Advertisers should only specify the budget, campaign dates, and the required audience and community characteristics and the platform will offer an optimal list of communities for placing ads. Then it is possible to remove unwanted communities from this list. After the ad is moderated, it is posted automatically; however, communities may refuse to post advertisements if there is a reason for this.

VK also creates a catalog with a list of platforms for native advertising. This will allow viewing admin contacts and advertising prices. Native advertising shows great potential. This format allows communities’ owners to offer advertisers not only audience coverage but also expertise in creating content interesting to users. It is beneficial for everyone: advertisers have an opportunity to communicate with consumers in an interactive way, and community administrators – to keep audience loyalty.

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