New tool to run ads in Vkontakte really fast

A new feature for promoting posts in communities on VK is now available for advertisers and social media experts. To run ads they only need to click the Promote button, which appears next to every post in VK communities.

Fast promotion from the wall on VK was designed for those who never used advertising opportunities on VK and those who want to promote new products and have not yet studied their potential customers. The system will not only define the target audience but also choose the right rate so that the budget is spent efficiently and is not wasted in several minutes.

To quickly promote community posts, one just needs to choose a post and click the button, which is visible to all community administrators. The advertisement will automatically be sent to moderators for a review. And it will run immediately after their approval. This process usually takes a couple of hours.

The feature will be useful for those who want to find and attract new customers and new subscribers to their communities, to push up sales by informing the audience about new special offers, to share information about businesses, and to increase activity in communities.

Our Books: Foreign Real Estate in Russia: 2023 Trends
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Foreign Real Estate in Russia: 2023 Trends

by Valeria Morgacheva, Tatiana Petrovich, Anton Trebunskii

In recent years the demand for foreign real estate among the Russian-speaking audience has reached the highest point.

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Our Books: Russian SEO in 2023: Trends and Features of Russian Search
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Russian SEO in 2023: Trends and Features of Russian Search

by Valeria Morgacheva, Anton Trebunskii

Nowadays, good online search visibility is an essential element of a successful business, especially one that deals in foreign countries.

We’ve created a whitepaper where we go through both SEO trends in general and consider some specific factors of Russian search as well.

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