Odnoklassniki platform shows strong growth

In 2017, Odnoklassniki hit 500 million daily video views, with the mobile audience grown by 11% in Russia, the daily OK video viewership increased by 29% and the number of authors by 20%. As stated in platform's official blog, such growth of the daily audience and users engagement in 2017 is due to the active development of the services' ecosystem, content and video components within the Russian social platform.

General statistics data

The mobile audience growth around the world – 17%;

The number of mobile users per month – 33 million users (worldwide);

The total number of registered users around the world – 330 million people, with the registration growth rate increased by 13%.


The average daily viewership growth – 60% (worldwide);

The daily video audience growth – 30% (in Russia);

The total time spent on video watching doubled (worldwide);

70 million stream views per day;

The growth of video downloads from mobile devices – 56% (worldwide).

Mobile applications (Ok Live)

The growth of the OK mobile applications audience – 11% (iOS and Android, worldwide);

The OK Live daily audience growth – 50% (iOS and Android, worldwide);

Over 3 million OK Live downloads.

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