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Odnoklassniki added recommendation section with the system of unique content promotion. The service will help authors to reach new audiences.

The recommendations feed will display the most recommended content in accordance with users’ interests and preferences. The “smart” recommendations feed show notes, photos, videos, and live broadcasts.

Using this service the talented authors will be able to attract new users to their groups and pages. The Content ID technology, based on the neural networks, will prevent plagiarism: unique content in the recommendation section will have its own mark in the system. Therefore, the primary source will get more coverage than its copies in the social network.

The neural network and algorithms of personal recommendations select content for the recommendation feed. Users’ reactions, interests, current subscriptions are taken into account. Users can like or remove publications from the feed, they can also subscribe to authors and groups.

Audience’s feedback will affect the total coverage and spread of the content in the newsfeed. The recommendations feed can be found in all the platforms: in desktop and mobile versions of Odnoklassniki, as well as in its mobile applications for iOS and Android.

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