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Roistat company shared the results of the research dedicated to the return on different kinds of search advertising investment for the 2017 year.

First, experts analyzed the ROI from different types of advertising (search, contextual and social networks advertising). Since advertisers invest only 5% of the budget in ads in social networks, they decided to analyze ROI from search and contextual advertising by comparing the performance of the largest players - Google AdWords and Yandex Direct.

It turned out that both the channels recoup the investment in search advertising, however the return on investment in Yandex Direct in higher than that in AdWords. They also compared the share of advertisers who got better ROI with Yandex Direct with those advertisers who got better ROI using AdWords. For the whole period, the share of advertisers who had better results with Yandex Direct amounted to 61%.

Search advertising is more profitable than thematic advertising. However, the latter has its own advantages: it can help increase the coverage and attract the target audience. Popular contextual advertising systems generally justify costs.

According to the researchers, Yandex Direct ROI is higher than Google AdWords ROI.

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