Russian Black Friday results

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According to AITC (The Association of Internet Trade Companies), 20 million people took part in the sales, which is five times as many as last year. The number of buyers grew that much because retail shops started participating in the Black Friday event.

The number of online-shops offering discounts reached 3.5 thousand. For comparison, last year there were only 1.5 online-shops participating in the Black Friday sales. The most popular categories among online-shoppers were: fashion and accessories (31%), electronics (19%), books, films, music and games (15%), health and beauty (12%), children’s goods and toys (7%). According to CupoNation Russia, buyers were most active at 2 a.m., right after the world online-sales started. 66% of the purchases were made by women. Over a half of buyers are aged 25-34.

Experts of Yandex.Money analyzed the results of the Black Friday sales and payments made through the Yandex.Kassa service. The analysis showed that the turnover of products grew considerably compared to the last year’s figures. In particular, sales of tourism and sports goods, children’s goods, cosmetics, clothes, and footwear boomed during Black Friday 2017.

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