Russian search trends May-July

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Yandex.Direct analysts studied the data for the years 2015-2017 and found out which categories of goods were in high demand in May to July. We may assume that in the next three months these goods and services will in demand again.

In the spring-summer period, goods for leisure and recreation are popular. These include gardening tools, package tours, bicycles, and hiking accessories.

In May, people tend to actively buy gardening and household supplies. Fertilizers and pest control chemicals are also in demand. Besides, people plan their summer holidays and choose bicycles, skateboards, sunglasses. They look for summer camps to send their children to.

It gets hotter in summer, so the demand for air conditioners and ice cream increases. There is also a growing interest in swimming pools, sunscreen creams. Rafting and boating get popular, too. Owners of tourist businesses buy furniture this month.

For school graduates it is time to decide on the college to attend. Students are preparing for their graduate projects defense, so binding services are in high demand.

In June, gardeners start buying mowers.

In July, there is increasing demand for vacation and tourism categories. People get interested in tours, cruises and hiking supplies. Also, the demand for school uniforms is growing. Another popular category in July is materials for roofing works.

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