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Russia is embracing social media at lightning speed. For global brands looking to expand their social media presence to Russia, there are now, more than ever, tremendous opportunities in tapping into this newly hypersocial culture.

1. Russians are more active on social media than any other country

There are only 20% of active social media users within its population, but the Russians who are connected to the internet spend more time on social networks than in any other country in the world – especially on local sites.

2. Russians use local social hubs more than facebook and twitter.

Although Russians are active on Facebook and Twitter, the world-known sites from the West take a backseat to the more popular local Russian sites, as Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

3. Russia is ranked 14th in the world for twitter usage.

Although it’s not as popular as local sites, the growth of Twitter in Russia has been astonishing. Russia is 14thin the world in terms of Twitter usage, with approximately 60% of Russians updating their profile daily.

4. 45% of the Russian Population Will Be Active on Social Media by 2014

The number of social media users in Russia is growing at a very fast pace, mostly on their own local sites Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki – emarketer predicts 45% of the population will be active on social media by 2014.

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