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Yandex announced open testing of a new advertising format, which allows creating video clips in Yandex.Direct. Advertisers can create video clips up to 15 seconds and add a text, a link to their website, or CTA-buttons to these clips, it is also possible to use background sounds from the free Yandex library. Advertisers can upload their own background clips or choose one of the thousand ready-made videos available in the Yandex video library. The access to this library is free of charge, one should pay only for ad clicks.

Video extensions can be used in all the ad campaigns at once or in just a specific advertisement. Yandex publishes such ads on its platforms and in the websites of the video network’s partners, including Kanoby and STS Media. The videos can be played in the multi-roll format and in the in-page format, and both mobile and desktop users will be able to see them.

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