Vkontakte introduces updated ecosystem for content authors

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Vkontakte introduced a major update to the creative ecosystem for content makers. Authors now have new tools to create content, engage audience and start the monetization. VK also presented stories for communities, AMP support for news feeds, as well as a built-in editor for long read articles. All these updates will be launched by the end of the year.

The launch of the Prometheus neural network was also announced. The network seeks interesting authors, offers their content to users, analyses responses and recommends quality content from the original source.

The VK advertising network was tested by two thousand communities for about six months. Each author earned 22 rubles per 1 thousand views and increased their revenue by 15%. The advertising network is now available for communities with more than 10 thousand people. Vkontakte will also support native ads.

There is one more update. A flame mark with a tick will now appear on pages of interesting authors and communities. It will indicate the virality of content makers for users and the Prometheus. Every seven days, the system will evaluate characteristics: if the content quality and interest do not drop, the mark remains on the page.

60 million people visit Vkontakte every day. They watch 9 billion posts and 4 million videos in the news feed. Within a year, 80% of users switched to the smart news feed, the number of views increases by 30%.

4.5 million authors create content in the social network. They earned a billion rubles within a year. In two years, Vkontakte doubled its income.

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