Vkontakte launches dynamic retargeting

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Vkontakte launches dynamic retargeting. This tool will automatically generate ads for each user personally, and advertisers with a wide range of products and services will be able to show the most relevant offers and encourage customers to get back to their sites. Dynamic retargeting will be useful for online shops, hotel and airline booking services, real estate websites and ticket distributors.

To use the new feature, you should go to the VK advertising panel, upload your price list there, add VK pixel onto your website, and set up target activity tracking (visiting pages, selecting items and putting them into a shopping cart, paying for orders). After that, you need to create a carousel ad template with 3 to 10 cards. Photos, product names, and prices will be added to the advertisement directly from the price-list. The system will find users that were somehow active on the website (for example, they visited a catalog page, added some items to a shopping cart, made a purchase and then canceled it at the last minute) and show these users advertisements of goods and services that they are interested in. This tool will help online shops to reach more potential customers and make relevant offers to them.

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