Vkontakte releases a platform to support independent artists

Social platform Vkontakte and its music streaming service BOOM released a platform to support independent artists. Users can connect with labels via a specialized app. To do so, the user will need to provide some information about themselves and a few best tracks of theirs.

If the label is interested in the artist, they will only need to provide necessary documents and sign a contract. After setting up the artist’s card, one can start monetizing their music.

“Vkontakte has been uniting artists and their audiences since 2007. Today VK and BOOM are not only the most popular music services in Russia but also the most important platforms for starting musicians. Thousands of artists each year share their music here. And now we can help them to connect with new listeners and labels alike.” — the social platform representative comments.

The audience of the service has been growing accordingly. The number of paid subscriptions of VK Music and BOOM in December has reached 2 million. It is almost double growth compared to June with 1.2 million subscriptions.

Lots of innovations, introduced at the beginning of autumn, explain the growing popularity of the service. Vkontakte is actively developing an ecosystem for musicians. One can upload their tracks and create playlists on the platform, live stream concerts, communicate with their fans on public pages and event pages, promote their art with advertising tools. Artists have their cards with discography. Improved music search, expanded functionality of playlists and other useful features make the platform appealing to users. As well as a convenient way to pay for the subscription using the mobile operator or social ecommerce platform VK Pay.

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