Vkontakte starts evaluating advertisements by tracking user responses

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Vkontakte now has a new metric for advertising posts – Evaluation. It shows how users respond to advertisements.

The new metric helps understand how effective an advertisement is in comparison to similar ads posted by other advertisers. For example, a video post will be compared to another video, not a button-post or a carousel advertisement.

Evaluation does not guarantee the efficiency of advertising but it helps in testing ads and advertisers can remove low-ranking advertisements and spend more on posts that catch people’s attention.

Advertisements with over 2,000 views can be ranked from 1 to 10 based on positive and negative reactions from users. Positive responses are click-throughs, video views and joining groups, negative reactions are hiding posts from the timeline and complaining about ads.

The new metric will gradually be available in all ads offices created after October 23.

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