Yandex Direct bid management: dramatic changes

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Starting in April, prices in Yandex Direct will depend not on the entry positions but on the increase of traffic volume. Supposedly, this will help advertisers to see how the predicted traffic can grow if they raise their bids.

Previously, advertisers calculated their budget based on the idea “the higher is the position of an ad, the more expensive it is and the more clicks it receives”, but now the price will grow with the additional traffic volume ads get.

In addition to this, Yandex also adapts the design and the ad placement on the SERP. Ad formats will be based on users’ queries and selected in accordance with the subject of advertising and behavioral analytics. It can be an ad block with images of a gallery of goods, and the volume of ads on the search results page will remain the same.

The use of different layouts for search ads helps to attract more attention from users and get more targeted clicks. Over the next year, Yandex plans to test and introduce dozens of new layouts for search ads. Advertisers will be able to use different advertising elements in their ads, and the more elements they use the more the chance is that these ads will appear in as many ad layouts ad possible.

Anyway, running PPC campaigns remains essential for businesses and our team’s expertise and competence helps us to deliver best Yandex Direct management experience.

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