Yandex Direct introduces media campaigns

Yandex launches open beta testing of a new advertising type – media campaigns, with payment model being based on Yandex Direct impressions. Now advertisers can place HTML 5 and graphic banners for an audience with specific characteristics and interests.

Media campaigns are a new way of targeting. Contextual ads are primarily for users who already are looking for some product, while media advertising is created to find those who can become potential customers, with the message remaining personified: different banners can be shown to different segments of the target audience.

Media campaigns have two new strategies for impressions management. They are “Maximum impressions for the minimum cost,” which is set by default in the new interface, and “Lower cost for repeat impressions” for those who want to reach the larger target audience. “Manual bid management” strategy is also available for advertisers.

Yandex Direct made it possible to set budget rules for managing media campaigns – advertisers can set budget not only for a week but for any period needed.

The system analyzes the impression settings, adjusts the forecast for future audience coverage and helps advertisers to increase it. Advertisers who use Yandex Direct in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus can place media ads on the platforms of Yandex and its partners.

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Foreign Real Estate in Russia: 2023 Trends

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Russian SEO in 2023: Trends and Features of Russian Search

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