Yandex Direct now converts texts and images into video ads

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Yandex Direct PPC platform now converts text and image ads into video ads. There is no need for a user to use a video editing software, no additional settings are required – one just needs to add an image to the ad and it will be automatically turned into a short video.

Just like video extensions, these videos will be displayed as the 'multi-roll' format (i.e, in movie trailers on KinoPoisk platform), or as the In-page format on text pages of the Video Network’s websites. Both desktop and mobile audiences will be able to see such ads, and users will pay only for clicks on their advertisements.

In the nearest future, video extensions created from simple images will appear in all ad groups in the Yandex Video Network. Video extensions will be added to all text and image ads by default. If for some reason advertisers do not want to use them, they can manage the traffic in the Video Network by adjusting video rates from -50% to 1200% (enable displaying video extensions or get more video extensions for a campaign or a group of campaigns). The video statistics will be available in the reports

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