Yandex launches a certification program for online advertising.

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Yandex launches a certification program for those working with the Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) and ADFOX. Traffic buyers and owners of websites and applications will be able to test their knowledge and get a personal professional certificate.

Yandex certificate confirms professional skills of Russian pay-per-click experts, gives them a possible vector of development and competitive advantages in the labor market. This certification will help publishers to confirm or even advance their staff expertise, to learn advanced capabilities of ADFOX and YAN and show advertisers very high proficiency in the use of technologies.

The status of the certified professional will confirm that Yandex trusts their experience and expertise: they are among the first to be invited to evaluate and test beta versions of new tools. Also, Yandex will organize special events for them so that they could discuss current market challenges together.

The test includes questions with one or several correct answers and the questions are grouped by topics. To get a certificate one should successfully pass the test in the account in Yandex.Passport by giving a certain number of correct answers in every group of questions. If one fails to pass the test, they can try it again in a week. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, it is possible to take the test once in every 3 months.

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