Yandex published the study of the Russian Internet Audience

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Yandex studied commercial interests of Russian Internet users (Runet users). In the course of the study, the company found out what types of advertisements are of interest to men and women of different age groups. The company used data provided by the Yandex Advertising Network (YAN), which unites tens of thousands of websites showing ads to the Runet users. The YAN serves 4.3 billion advertisements daily (with more than 8 million visits daily).

Over half of all the click-throughs (55%) are made by users aged 45 and older. This is the largest part of the audience, it is also most loyal to advertising – it shows the highest CTR among other age categories. 28% of clicks are provided by users aged 25 to 34. Young people 18 to 24 years of age follow ad links less often than others – only 4% of clicks.

Older users are more likely to click on ads in various subjects, from cars to legal services. Men have interest in business, electronics and cars, while women are interested in medicine, clothes and real estate. Interest in legal services, entertainment, and education is independent of gender.

Throughout life, the interests of users change. In time, women get more fond of household, garden, clothes, but they lose interest in specialty goods. Men aged 18 to 24 take interest in IT, with age they get interested in cars and finances.

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