Yandex shares some pre-Valentine’s Day statistics

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Yandex Market has recently reported that people’s interest in Valentine’s Day shopping arises about a week before the day itself, younger people being the most interested audience. Consumers are interested in romantic and original offers, not exactly favoring any type of product or service, but with that, Yandex Market has shared some pre-Valentine’s shopping statistics among male and female users.

For male users a week before the Day the demand for flowers and gift bags increased by 48%, the average price of a gift bag being around 2100 roubles. Consumers are interested in gift bags containing skin and body care, stationery, various sweets, etc. Demand in clothes, shoes, lingerie categories has increased by 34%, picnic sets – by 32%. Additionally, male users seem to be interested in packaging their gifts themselves, as heightened popularity of wrapping paper and gift bags shows.

Female users have also shown an increased interest in gift bags (by 65%), together with flasks and canteens (63% increase), razors (48%) and bags and organizers (58%).

On the other hand, gift certificates are not as popular as the previous year, it’s demand increase this year is 54% compared to 90% in 2018. As part of research Yandex Market counted and compared online shop visits of users from 4th to 10th of February and 21st and 27th of January.

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