Yandex starts selling ads in Viber Messenger

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Yandex is going to display advertising in Viber Messenger: advertisements served by the Yandex Direct platform will appear on the call completion screen. It is the first messenger joined Yandex advertising network.

Ad placement in Viber is based on the programmatic technology, which means that the user can see ads only if Yandex determines high conversion probability. Advertisers can customize targeting settings, such as search interests, social and demographic characteristics, geography and other parameters.

Viber is one of the most popular messengers in Russia. According to Mediascope, as of March 2017, the service ranked second with the audience of 8.7 million Russians a month. According to Viber’s own data, over 80 million users from Russia are registered in the messenger.

Experts believe that the partnership with Yandex will help Viber get access to a larger number of advertisers on the Russian market, and Yandex will strengthen its position in the mobile search market.

Yandex gets a large part of its revenue from online advertising. In the second quarter of 2017, the company’s advertising revenue grew by 21% and amounted to 21 billion rubles.

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