Yandex starts selling advertising on digital billboards in Moscow

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The partner of the company is Gallery, one of the largest outdoor advertising operators in Russia. About 100 billboards are available to customers in the test mode. Currently, ads are placed through the Yandex.Display platform. By the end of 2018, it will be possible to place outdoor advertising using Yandex.Direct.

Yandex’s technologies allow measuring and segmenting the audience. Advertisers will get data on their interests and socio-demographic peculiarities. Now advertising is sold by auction model. Advertisers specify rates and the budget, and Yandex’s algorithms decide where and when advertisements should be shown.

The pricing model for the sale of ads on billboards is the cost per thousand impressions. Advertisers pay for one thousand opportunities to see the advertising message.

Yandex is creating a single platform with different advertising formats. Now Yandex.Direct allows using contextual, video, media advertising and smart banners. Soon auction sales of outdoor advertising will be available to advertisers. They also will have the opportunity to conduct cross-media campaigns.

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