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Yandex has bought the Q&A service TheQuestion. It will be merged with the service Yandex.Znatoki (experts) and the service will complement Yandex search results. In particular, quick answers from TheQuestion will appear in the SERP.

In autumn of 2018, Yandex released beta-testing of Yandex.Znatoki. The service allows to ask and answer questions on their behalf or anonymously. Questions can be rated and sorted by popularity in the feed, and divided by themes. Quick answers from Experts show up in search results to help users with complex questions.

Since the launch users started seeing answers from Experts 10 times more often. They appear in search results about 1.8 million times a day. The merge with TheQuestion will notably increase the number of quick answers.

Yandex representative comments than users enjoy quick answers straight in their search results. Their joint work together with TheQuestion team will allow people to get answers to a vast spectrum of questions, even if the Internet does not hold enough information on the topic.

Yandex started working with TheQuestion in spring of 2016. Together they launched an experimental service to answer ambiguous questions.

Data from TheQuestion containing quick answers will appear in search results of Yandex. The card with the answer will consist of the name of the author, part of the answer and a link to it.

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