Yandex introduces Private Transactions

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Yandex is launching Private Transactions – a platform for automated purchase of media advertising on certain websites. The platform will allow placing ads on different sites, setting and evaluating their efficiency with the help of the Yandex Direct tools.

The open beta testing of the platform will start in the second quarter of 2018. Websites count impressions in different ways: some count views even if users see only a half or a small part of a banner. The platform will help avoid such situations.

Starting in March, any advertising agency will be able to place media ads using Yandex Direct platform. The flexible targeting system will help them to reach the right audience and it would not matter where users view ads. But for image-building purposes placing ads on a particular website or even in a particular place can matter a lot. The new platform helps agencies to solve both of these tasks in one interface.

The new platform allows placing advertisements on websites that use AdFox.

The platform is available only for certified agencies so far. In the future, Yandex plans to launch the platform for biggest advertisers and small agencies.

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