Yandex Minusinsk algorithm is out for SEO links

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Yandex Minusinsk algorithm turned 1 on May, 15th, 2016. The SEO preocess has changed a lot since its introduction. Not all of the webmasters can agree that those changes have been for the better. During this year web ranking of 7103 websites has been decreased due to search result manipulation with the help of SEO links. About 5705 of those websites have already lifted the limits by decreasing reference weight. More that 40,000 websites lessened the number of inbound SEO links due to being in danger of experiencing the limitations. 18,000 websites largely or completely stopped using this kind of promotion.

Yandex specialists have replied to 13,000 emails from website owners and webmasters, and received 447 emails with questions concerning principles of functioning of this algorithm.

Minusinsk algorithm is still working and different websites are becoming its victims. Sergey Nikonorov, Head of SEO of Ingate Digital Agency said that those are mostly the websites that are using permanent SEO links, which are difficult to remove.

Introduction of such penalties leads to more careful analysis of links quality. Also it is necessary to use reasonable ways of search engine optimization, such as analytics, on-page optimization, improvement of behavioral factors, well-considered content marketing. Such profound changes have led to a new phase in the Internet marketing industry.

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